Advisor’s Message

Most people are interested in human sexuality, but only a few are privileged enough to study it. If you are one of the few privilege students, please take your studies seriously and give your very best. You may think that you have got all the answers, but be humble and honor your lecturers. It is a journey and not a destination. Once a student, always a student. You may get tired, but never give up. You can enhance the lives of many people. It is worth it.

Only the highest academic standards are acceptable. Second best is not good enough. The scientific study of human sexuality is an inter-transaction between the two poles of theory and practice. You can never be a good practitioner without the solid foundation of a respectable sexological theory. Always honor your co-professionals in medicine, psychology, and the social-, cultural- and spiritual worlds etc. It is good to have a specific interest in a sub-discipline and to make a contribution to it, but always remember that the whole is much more than the sum total of the parts. Sexology is not merely a composition of the above – it is between and beyond and much more…

To all fellow life-long students in human sexuality – be always assured of my personal support, encouragement and blessings……….

Professor Dr. Johann C. Lemmer


Principal & Professor, Academy of Sexology International

President, Sexology South Africa