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Online Treatment Programme


International Patients


Patients within Pakistan

The online sex treatment and therapy services are available for male sexual dysfunction, female sexual disorders, male infertility and female infertility in support of the patients residing out of Pakistan and very distant areas of Pakistan. The patient will send his/her all previous medical record, prior and current history and medical state.

The sex treatments and therapies are comprised on the following components:


At the first consultation, sex medicines like sex vitamins are prescribed as the state of dysfunction. If required then blood, semen and urinary chemical analysis and imaging diagnostic tests are also advised.

At the second consultation approximately after ten days or two weeks in the light of test reports more medicines are included, if required.

According to requirement the follow-up consultations will be continuing from time to time.


Taking into consideration the test reports, sexercises (sexual exercises) and other relevant physical activities are recommended.

Sexercises and other pertinent physical exercises are major part of the sex treatment and therapy. Without those practices the hope for good sexual health and performance is vain imaginations.

Erotic Nutriments 

As the health state of patient the erotic dietary plans are suggested.

Moreover the prevention is also described from the edibles those are harmful for sexual health.

Method of Consultation

The patient will send a detailed message about his/her sexual disorders including the following information:

Proof of the Fee Deposited

His/Her Age

Body Weight

Exact Reading of Current Blood Pressure

Pulse Rate (Per Minute)

Addiction of Any Intoxication (If Addicted)


All Previous History

After consideration, the medicines will be prescribed and other relevant practices will be advised as mentioned above.

Consultation Fee

International Patients: US$-50 (Per Consultation)

Patients within Pakistan: PKR-3500 (Per Consultation)

Email & WhatsApp Addresses

Patient should send first email message for receiving the information about “Fee Transferring Procedure”.

                        Cellular: 0092 333 511 7509              


                        WhatsApp: 0092 333 511 7509


The consultation by email message will be more appreciated than WhatsApp message.