Men's Health


The foundation of universe is on sexology. Nature created male and female characteristics in the all living things. In the human being, sex is a superlative aspect of life. Everybody is capable of sexual relationships. People are very fond of the pleasures of love and sex. Good sexual health assures a delightful life, because the sexual vigour is fountainhead of physical and psychological capabilities. The successes of life are enhanced by a pleasant sexual life. A heartwarming marital life brightens the other aspects of human lives.

Although the modern world has the most advanced societies and technology, most of the people still have a lack of understanding on the subject of sexual relationships. If someone has a sexual problem or is deprived of sexual expression, he/she might a lack of self-confidence in everyday life. This might lead to the person being unsuccessful in his/her family, society and profession. His/her spouse may be attracted to someone else. A long period of sexual inactivity will interrupt their relationship and domestic quarrels could take place recurrently. Often the couple will separate or divorce. Consequently, the family is split apart and their children may suffer from psychological disorders.

Suicide is a common problem in all societies. Some recent research suggests that a high proportion of suicides have an unsatisfactory sexual life. To live a satisfactory and zestful life, it is mandatory for someone to maintain a healthy and strong sexuality. For that purpose, special guidance and treatments can be provided.

To achieve the above mentioned objectives the South Asia Institute for Human Sexuality (SAIHS) and the “SEXUAL HEALTH CLINIC” were established on Saturday, October 09, 2004 (24 Shaban Ul Muazzam 1425) in Pakistan, South Asia.

The Main Goal

To provide appropriate treatment, therapy and counselling to the persons who are suffering from various sexual disorders, so that they can maintain their sexual lives successfully and joyfully, and thereby enhance the quality of their relationships with their spouses.